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Which is more efficient, a log burner or an open fire?

Both a wood burner and an open fire bring warmth and an atmospheric crackle of burning wood into your home during the winter months, as well as create a focal point for your room. Wood burners have become the more popular choice more recently, but can they really beat a traditional open fire?

Which is more efficient?
A wood-burning stove is likely to be more than 70% efficient, while an open fire is 30% efficient at best*. Typically wood burners are made of heavy-duty steel, acting as a radiator, as well. The efficiency of both also depends on the fuel you burn, if you burn wood with a high moisture content then your heat output will be reduced and your fire will produce more emissions. 

Which is better for your household bills?
Having a log burner or open fire will remove some of the strain on your boiler by helping to reduce your heating bills when used thoughtfully. However, an open fireplace may actually contribute more to your overall heating costs in compromising your home's thermal efficiency due to heat loss through the open fireplace. A flueblocker could help with this heat loss when your fire is not lit!

Which is more environmentally friendly?
The eco-friendliness of your log burner or open fire also depends on the fuel you burn. Burning wet wood, for example, is less efficient and produces greater emissions. Our Hotties Heat Logs are a great environmentally friendly, low moisture wood fuel - perfect for wood burners and open fires. Log burning stoves now available are also required to meet Ecodesign Compliant legislation, which means even greater efficiency for log burning and fewer emissions. This is another great scheme backed by DEFRA and HETAS.

The verdict?
While your open fire has a lot going for it, a log burner is more efficient and slightly better on your household bills! However, the most important takeaway is to burn the right kind of fuel, this has the biggest impact on your heat, environment and appliance care.

Shop online for Hotties Heat Logs and make sure you are stocked up on the right kind of fuel for your fire!

*Source: Direct Stoves