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Sustainable Choice

Use everything, waste nothing

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. After all, wood is the ultimate renewable material. 

A game-changing approach

Protecting our supply of natural resources is key to ensuring our planet and industry survives into the future. As part of BSW Group, our integrated capabilities ensure we use every part of the log to create game-changing products and processes that create new value.

Finding a purpose

It’s why our wood fuels are manufactured from sustainably managed co-products, including wood chips, sawdust and other renewable raw materials. Compressing these by-products into heat fuels mean they’re saved from landfill whilst negating the need for trees to be felled for firewood.

Burn better

Burning wood fuel produces emissions. The best way to minimise this is to burn dry firewood on an efficient appliance. 

The amount of moisture in firewood affects both heat output and pollutants released into the atmosphere. Traditional firewood has a moisture content between 20% to 60%. Our sustainable wood fuel has a moisture content of less than 5%, making it burn hotter for longer with less damage to air quality.