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Hotties Heat Logs

Hotties Heatlogs Full Pallet
Grown In BritainMoisture content of around 5%Approved under the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ schemeMade from renewable, 100% timber wood residuesSuitable for wood burners, open fires and other appliancesEach pallet contains 1000qty Hotties Heatlogs made up of 100 packs (each pack contains 10 heatlo..
Grown In BritainMoisture content of around 5%Approved under the W...
Hotties Heatlogs Quarter Pallet
Manufactured in the UK Moisture content of around 5%Approved under the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ schemeMade from renewable, 100% timber wood residuesSuitable for wood burners, open fires and other appliances Each pallet contains 250 Hotties Heat Logs made up of 25 packs, with each pack contai..
Manufactured in the UK Moisture content of around 5%Approved un...
Hotties Heat Logs Three Pack New!
Our Hotties 3 Pack contains 30 heat logs weighing approximately, 30kg in total. Each heat log is approx. 70mm in diameter and 200mm in length Manufactured in the UK from renewable, clean wood residues. Hotties do not spit, spark or expand whilst burning.  Low ash residue, no..
Our Hotties 3 Pack contains 30 heat logs weighing approximat...
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Hotties Heat Logs are versatile, clean, suitable for all wood burning appliances and unlike other heat logs, they don’t expand or crumble making them highly consistent and reliable.

Hotties Heat Logs are manufactured firewood logs created from sawdust, wood chips and similar renewable raw materials sourced from the UK, which are then highly compressed into logs.

They’re also extremely hot! This is down to their low moisture content (below 5%) which means they can generate up to three times the heat of conventional wooden logs.

Give them a try and you won’t look back!

The Defra backed Woodsure Ready to Burn scheme demands the highest standards of production to ensure you receive a quality product. Wood Fuel Direct are long term members of the scheme and develop products to help homeowners look after their stove and improve air quality.

  • Clean to handle and easy to stack and store

  • Suitable for all stoves, log burners, firepits and chimineas

  • Consistent and reliable heat producing a clean, attractive flame

  • Easy to light

  • Low ash residue (0.5-0.7%) keeps stoves and chimneys clean

  • Low moisture content (<5%) compared with wood logs (between 20% and 50%)

  • No spitting or sparking

  • Great when used alone or mixed with regular fuels

  • Heat logs measure approx. 200mm long and 70mm wide


What is a heat log?

A heat log is a type of briquette made from 100% renewable wood residue such as chippings and sawdust which is highly compressed to form a solid log. No glue or binding chemicals are needed, making them the perfect wood fuel.

How good are heat logs?

Good quality heat logs are extremely efficient and generate an incredible amount of heat. They contain very little moisture so they leave your appliance clean with minimal ash. You can use heat logs on their own or complement your existing firewood supply.

How long do heat logs burn for?

One of our heat logs will burn for approximately 60-90 minutes.

Can you burn heat logs in a wood burning stove?

Heat logs are the perfect wood fuel for your wood burning stove. They’re the perfect size (which is consistent every time, unlike logs) easy to handle and no problem to stack.

Are briquettes better than logs?

Good quality briquettes are a fantastic alternative to logs and have a number of advantages, the most important one being they offer more heat output. A poor quality briquette might crumble, not offer as much heat and leave a lot of ash behind.

How to light heat logs

Add approximately 6-8 sticks of good quality kindling and light using a firelighter. Once the kindling has taken, add a couple of heat logs with a pair of heatproof gloves. Enjoy the heat!

Why use heat logs instead of firewood?

Good quality heat logs offer more heat for less money and they’re always the same size, making them much more practical to use. The raw materials are natural wood waste making them a more eco-friendly option.

How should I store heat logs?

Heat logs must be stored in a dry area (preferably indoors) and care must be taken to avoid moisture getting into the packet, particularly if being stored in a garage. If they are being stored somewhere like a garage, they should be stored off the ground.


Wood Fuel Direct offer a range of highly efficient and innovative wood fuels which are all manufactured in the UK using sustainably sourced wood chips and sawdust from managed UK woodland. Included in our range are the hugely popular Hotties Heat Logs and Pizzaz Pizza Logs for wood-fired ovens, which are both approved under the Woodsure 'Ready to Burn' scheme. Our own Ignite Natural Firelighters will light both fuels with ease and they’re completely odourless for your convenience. Our heat logs and pizza logs are extremely dense and much drier than competitor wood fuels resulting in more heat and a more consistent product. All of our wood fuels are extremely safe, efficient and certified by HETAS and have Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) authorisation for complete peace of mind. We offer a nationwide delivery service on all of our wood fuel ranges within 5 working days of your order.