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Frequently Asked Questions


Everything you need to know about Wood Fuel Direct products:

A heat log is a type of briquette made from 100% renewable wood residue, like chippings and sawdust, which is highly compressed to form a solid log. No gluing or binding chemicals. Just a natural, sustainable wood fuel.

Good quality heat logs, like Hotties Heat Logs and Pizazz Pizza Logs, are extremely efficient and generate an incredible amount of heat. They contain very little moisture, leaving your wood burning appliances clean with minimal ash. You can use our heat logs on their own or to complement your existing firewood supply.

Hotties – Grown and manufactured in the UK, Hotties are made up of the sawdust, wood chips and renewable materials which are compressed into heat logs, with no additives or binding agents.

Pizazz – 100% UK grown Hardwood, no additives or binders

Ignite – Renewable untreated wood shavings, dipped in wax

Provided that they are kept in a dry, indoor environment, Hotties heat logs and Pizazz pizza logs can be stored for 2+ years without compromising their quality.

As Hotties heat logs are denser and drier (around 5% moisture) than seasoned logs, kiln dried logs and other heat logs, they produce a more powerful and reliable heat every time. This means they are more cost effective and convenient to use. Less moisture = more heat

Independent testing has proven that Hotties Heat Logs are the market leader in terms of heat output, low moisture content and that they burn hotter for longer than the competition.

Hotties Heat Logs can be used on a wide range of solid fuel appliances including; open fires, fire pits, chimineas, wood/multi fuel burning stoves, pizza ovens and log boilers.