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Wood Fired Winter Cooking Ideas

Summer may be a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean cooking on your wood-fired oven has to be.

We’ve shared some ideas below for you to try this winter. So wrap up warm, dust off your outdoor cooking utensils and get cooking! Start simple with some roasted chestnuts, guaranteed to be popular with your guests, especially when accompanied by a glass of mulled wine.


Roasted Chestnuts


Ingredients:  Chestnuts



Ensure your wood-fired oven or fire pit is up to temperature. Using a sharp knife, cut a cross in the skin of each chestnut, once complete put your chestnuts into your roasting pan and bake until the skins open and they’re tender inside.


If it’s not sweet enough for you, why not try adding butter while they’re hot, or whipped cream, nutmeg, ginger spice or cocoa powder



Expecting a crowd? Pizza is easy to share and gets everyone involved.


Red onion, feta and spinach wood-fired pizza

Ingredients:Pizza base - you can either purchase a ready-made pizza base or make your own dough (for us homemade pizza dough makes all the difference! - if you want to make your own we recommend the Jamie Oliver recipe)
Tomato base sauce
1 red onion - chopped
Feta cheese - crumbled
Handful of spinach





  1. First, you’ll need to assemble your pizza. Spread your chosen pizza base topping, in this example, we’re using a tomato base. Ensure it covers the pizza, leaving a slight gap between the sauce and the edge of the base.
  2. Dot the chopped red onion over your base
  3. Tear over the spinach and follow with the feta cheese
  4. Place in your wood-fired oven immediately and cook for around 3-4 minutes.


We'll be sharing more of our favourite wood-fired cooking ideas and recipes over the coming months. If you have an idea or recipe you'd love to share comment below, email us or share on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.