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The benefits of heat logs

What are heat logs

A great alternative to traditional firewood, heat logs are manufactured logs, sometimes referred to as briquettes. Heat logs can be used in an open fire, wood burner, multi-fuel stove and even your wood-fired oven.

Why Heat Logs

Usually made from compressed raw materials, due to their compaction, heat logs hold their shape and provide great heat output in comparison to traditional logs. 

Comparing Heat Logs With Other Firewood

Heat Logs compare very favourably with other household fuels. If you compare our heat logs directly with fresh seasoned wood, you will get far more energy density for your money. Why pay for water, when you can buy dried wood with a uniform moisture content of around 5%. Find out more on comparing heat logs with firewood on our Technical Information page

Hotties Heat Logs

Our Hotties heat logs are made in the UK from 100% timber materials and have a moisture content of below 5%. You can be rest assured that all of the sawdust and chips that are used in the manufacturing process are sourced in the UK, from sustainably managed forests. Due to their dryness, the energy output per log is very high, making them comparable in the long run in regards to cost-effectiveness, especially, when compared to your average firewood moisture content of between 20-50%.

Hotties heat logs are approved under the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme, which guarantees a moisture content of below 20%, stock up today.

Still not convinced? Why not try a 3 pack of our Hotties heat logs before you buy in bulk.