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Cooking on Wood Fuel

With barbecue and camping season fully in swing, lots of families are planning their next camping adventure. It's important not to forget fire safety when you're out on your adventures, especially with warm weather! Here are 5 fire safety tips for when you are camping and barbecuing this summer:

  1. Pick the right surface! If you’re using a BBQ grill or building an outdoor fire pit make sure the surface is level so that your barbecue won’t tip over and your fire pit will stay contained. Also, be aware of any tree roots or long grass that you will need to stay away from.
  2. Avoid accelerants! One Ignite natural firelighter is enough to light any fire and adding accelerants adds unnecessary danger!
  3. Have an extinguisher ready! Make sure you have a bucket of sand or water ready to use nearby in case of an emergency.
  4. Check the forecast! Avoid starting an outdoor fire on windy days since flames and any stray embers can easily be picked up by the wind. You should also avoid starting a fire when the weather has been very dry or hot - this is considered peak fire hazard conditions.
  5. Extinguish your fire every time! Even if you think your fire is out, it's always better to be safe by making sure everything that was burning is doused in water.
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