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Al Fresco Dining & Outdoor Living

There is nothing quite like al fresco dining. An excuse to make the most of your outdoor space and move your dining outside. One thing that we enjoy most about al fresco dining is how it is a feast for all the senses - being surrounded by great food, people and nature.

We have put together some ideas and tips on how you can make the most of al fresco dining in your outdoor space. 


When it comes to decorating your outdoor dining area and creating a relaxed atmosphere, we believe less is definitely more. Round tables provide an informal, relaxing setting where everyone can see and hear each other. If you have a smaller garden, why not get creative by creating a bar area, you could use old pallets to create a social space which takes up a lot less space. 

Creating the perfect cooking area

For the ultimate al fresco dining experience, why not create an outdoor kitchen area which is kitted out either with a BBQ or wood-fired pizza oven. Not only can you create a real focal point in your garden, but they can also be an incredibly social space, which your guests gravitate towards whilst you are cooking. 


The best part of al fresco dining and outdoor cooking has to be the food. Outdoor cooking is a great way to experiment with seasonal food. We love trying seasonal toppings on our wood-fired pizzas, there is nothing better than getting produce from your garden to create delicious dishes. Whatever your garden size, a great idea is to grow herbs, peppers and chilli plants in garden pots, they don't take up too much space and can be looked after easily. 

The perfect fire pit for when the sun starts to go down

Becoming ever more popular, fire pits not only can be a statement piece for your garden but as the sun starts to set, there's nothing better than cuddling up around the fire, wrapped in blankets. Fire pits are now becoming a must-have garden accessory - we can see why! Why not check out FirePitsUK or The Woodee for some beautiful examples.

Keeping warm and fed all night long 

If you have a pizza oven, we would suggest firing it up using our Pizzaz Pizza Logs. Our pizza logs get your wood-fired oven up to temperature in no time, and with no nasty chemicals, they're perfect for cooking. If you have a Fire Pit, depending on whether you are cooking or just enjoying its warmth, we'd recommend either our Pizzaz Pizza Logs or our Hotties heat logs. To light both, use our Ignite natural firelighters. You only need one to light a fire, and because they are natural, they don't give off any horrible smells that could taint your food. Our products are designed to make your life easy, so you can carry on entertaining and cooking whilst not having to worry too much about the fire.