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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are they made of?

Hotties and Mini Heatlogs are made from a bi-product from our own sawmill process. They do not contain any additives, binding agents or glues ensuring that they are safe to use on open fires, firepits, wood/multi fuel burning stoves and log boilers.

What are Hotties Heat logs made of?

Q2: Do they expand or spit during burning?

They do not spit or expand during burning therefore making them a safe solid fuel to use. Unlike some competitor products that can expand to twice their original size and risk falling out of an open fire or blocking a stove flue.

Do Heat Logs expand or spit during burnign?

Q3: What appliance(s) can I use them on?

Hotties Heatlogs can be used on a wide range of solid fuel appliances including; open fires, fire pits, wood/multi fuel burning stoves and log boilers.

Q4: Do they produce more heat than normal logs? 

As Hotties Heatlogs are denser and drier (around 5% moisture) than seasoned logs, kiln dried logs and other Heatlogs, they produce a more powerful and reliable heat every time. This means they are more cost effective and convenient to use. Less moisture = more heat

Q5: How long do they burn for? 

The average burn time for a single Hotties Heatlogs can vary from 60 mins to 90mins. The type of appliance you use will determine the burn time, i.e. an open fire will burn quicker than a wood burning stove because the air vents on the stove can be controlled.

Q6: Are they a 'smokeless' fuel? 

Hotties Heatlogs are not a 'smokeless' fuel as defined in the regulations. No wood fuel or logs are classed as a 'smokeless' fuel and therefore they should not be burnt in smoke controlled areas. However wood products, including Hotties Heatlogs, can be burnt in smoke controlled areas if used on a DEFRA approved appliance, of which there are many. Please check with the manufacturer or supplier of your wood burning appliance as to whether it is DEFRA approved.

Are Hotties Heat Logs a smokeless fuel?

Q7: Why do they have a hole in them? 

The hole in the heatlogs is part of the design of the manufacturing process to produce a dense, high performance briquette. It aids airflow which improves the consistent burning performance.

Hotties heat logs

Q8 Why should I buy Hotties – I can buy other similar products at a lower price? 

Independent testing has proven that Hotties are the market leader in terms of heat output, low moisture content and that they burn hotter for longer than the competition. Not only that, stockists can also benefit from marketing support including website listing, point of sale, and lead referrals.

Q9 How can I dispose of the pallet?

Our Hotties heat logs quarter pallet is now packed on a NEW pallet which makes it easier for you to dispose of your pallet after delivery. The pallet measures 600 x 800mm, so will fit easily into a car boot and can be recycled at your local recycling centre.