Barbies BBQ Fuel gets the thumbs up in Dumfriesshire!

Barbies Barbecue fuel which is the new eco-friendly alternative to imported lumpwood or briquette charcoal has had the seal of approval from a BBQ in a Dumfriesshire garden. The garden owner said 'I always usually use charcoal and never thought about using Barbies before, they are easy to light and give a really good smokey flavour to the food, also they last a long time!' 

Hotties Heat Logs Warm Up Langholm Cottage

Hotties Heat Logs which are made in the UK from 100% renewable clean wood have been heating up a lovely cottage in the borders town of Langholm. Judith Johnson who has been using the Heat Logs this winter says 'They are clean and easy to handle and last longer with more heat than regular wood logs. Another benefit is I don't have clean the fire out as often as the heat logs leave a lot less residue!'