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Glow rewards scheme a hit with Cinnabar Stoves

9th August 2017

Our Glow Rewards Scheme is a hit with Cinnabar Stoves

Wood Fuel Direct's new Glow rewards scheme is a great way to increase revenue streams without committing to stock, according to chimney sweep company Cinnabar Stoves.

The Glow scheme allows the likes of stove shops and chimney sweeps to earn commission for promoting Hotties heat logs by handing out packs to their customers.

Cinnabar Stoves, who sweep chimneys and service and repair stoves, signed up to the scheme less than a year ago - and they've been reaping the rewards ever since.

Emily Skeet, the owner, said: "It’s a great incentive to promote the heat logs and earn a little extra for doing so. I'm happy to recommend them, as they're a great product, and it saves the hassle of being a supplier and taking on the orders."

Based in Wales, Cinnabar Stoves have been operating for four years, and Emily insists that handing out Glow packs is a win-win for businesses like hers.

"I hand them out at the end of each sweep - so when I give the customer their certificate and receipt, I hand them a pack and talk about the scheme," said Emily.

Each pack contains a unique code which is to be entered when creating an account on Wood Fuel Direct - and this entitles the customer to a discount and earns commission for the Glow 'stockists'.

The customers will then accrue Glow points, which can be used against future orders, while the 'stockist' will continue to earn commission.

On Hotties heat logs themselves, Emily added: "I explain to customers that Hotties burn hotter and longer than regular logs and are responsibly sourced. I have tried and compared several brands of heatlogs and found Hotties to be the best.

"Many other heatlogs appear to be made of scrap wood or contain glues, or they fall apart when burning and don’t last so long. The hotties don’t expand - they just keep burning nicely and create a hot ember base in the fire."

If you are interested in becoming a Glow stockist, please email

You can find out more about Cinnabar Stoves on their website: