Our guide to wood-burning stoves

4th October 2017

There’s nothing quite like the flickering flames and the soothing glow of a real fire. It warms your heart as well as your home. And now, it’s cleaner and more efficient than ever.

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What is HETAS and why is HETAS-assured fuel better?

7th September 2017

Just how safe and efficient is the fuel you burn? It’s worth bearing in mind that not all fuels are equal - even though the packaging might suggest they are. That’s why you should always look for the HETAS stamp of approval.

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Glow rewards scheme a hit with Cinnabar Stoves

9th August 2017

Wood Fuel Direct's new Glow rewards scheme is a great way to increase revenue streams without committing to stock, according to chimney sweep company Cinnabar Stoves.

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