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About Wood Fuel Direct

BSW Energy is part of BSW Timber, the UK's largest sawmilling company. With raw materials sourced from our own sawmills in the UK, our heat logs are truly a 'renewable energy made from renewable energy'.

Since we started manufacturing our flagship product, Hotties Heatlogs, the product range has expanded and diversified into both winter and summer fuels. We now manufacture Pizazz pizza logs as well as Ignite Natural firelighters.


Our range of wood fuel products are manufactured by BSW Energy in the UK. Whether you are looking to buy Hotties Heat logs, Mini Heatlogs or Pizazz you can be rest assured that all of the sawdust and chips that are used in the manufacturing process are sourced in the UK from sustainably managed forests. We are Woodsure accredited by HETAS which means our fuels are certified to be both safe and efficient. Our versatile, clean and efficient wood fuel ranges are available for nationwide delivery.

Our Hotties start as wood chips with a 50% moisture content.
A grinder then breaks the chips down into smaller wood particles.
A biomass boiler heats air to 400°C and powers the dryer.
This dryer tosses the chips and ensures an 8% moisture content.
The wood particles are taken from the dryer and fed in a hopper.
They then go into an extruder before being compressed at 350°C
This melts lignin in the wood and binds Hotties together naturally.
Hotties are cut to 200mm, dropped on a conveyor belt and packaged.